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Amidst a field of cutting edge foam-flinging technology, one must not forget that a blaster is only as good as its user. The Phase 3 C39 Arquitens is the latest in a long-running lineage of flywheel pistols built upon elegant and uncomplicated mechanics of the C30 Photon. The C39 Phase 3 combines the snap-response of the Photon Shortbow and the battery capacity of the Vanguard, all while homaging the iconic DC-17 pistol, as it appeared in Revenge of the Sith and The Clone Wars. In the hands of a bold user, the Arquitens proves once again that experience outranks everything...

The C39A3 is a semi-automatic flywheel pistol, chambered in half-length darts, loaded from an in-grip straight-feed Talon-style magazine.

Available from the Cobalt Designs Shop!


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