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BOOK 1 of the NAOMI Series


Oakland, California. April, 2039.

     A pair of missing person cases arrive at the door of Kim, once a highly decorated police officer, now a lowly contract investigator. Jobs like these are commonplace for a bounty hunter-detective like her—the jobs that often go unnoticed by the police. For the brash and tenacious Kim, it’s easy money—until her investigation reveals that these cases are anything but ordinary.

     Using cutting-edge technology and old-fashioned detective skills, her search for answers unearths a plot that stretches beyond anything she imagined. This draws the eyes of new enemies that threaten not just her investigation but everything—and everyone—she cares about.

     It’s up to her to find where the trail ends and who to trust along the way.


from ME!

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"This fast-paced, thrilling mix of mystery and very approachable sci-fi will delight readers..."
-Dave Pasquantonio, author of the Matildas

"An absolutely enthralling read!"

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